Selected Publications

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Laminin and type IV collagen polymers in the EHS basal lamina
Yurchenco 1993
Mechanism of laminin self-assembly
Cheng 1997
Self-assembly of laminin isoforms
Colognato 1999a
Laminin-dependent receptor reorganization
Colognato 1999b
Laminin polymerization defect in a congenital muscular dystrophy
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Laminin domains needed for epithelial polarization of embryonic stem cells
Li 2005
Laminin assembly on Schwann cells requires sulfatides
McKee 2007
Rules of laminin initiation of basal lamina assembly: recombinant study
McKee/Capizzi 2009
Engineered laminin-binding linker proteins and their functions
Yang 2011
Laminin is required for collecting duct development and functions
McKee/yang 2012
Laminin LN (polymerization) and LG (integrin-binding) domains are required for peripheral nerve myelination
Yurchenco 2011
Basement membrane structure and function REVIEW